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Sarah Sharp MChiro (Hons) PDAC


My journey in to chiropractic started as a patient, a parent and a horse rider. In addition to feeling the benefits myself, I found it amazing how my children and horses responded to treatment. In fact, it led to a change of career and many busy years re-training and learning chiropractic techniques. 

To me chiropractic care is about restoring the balance to the nervous system so the body can communicate effectively with itself.  Our bodies are intelligent, dynamic and forever adapting to the stresses of everyday life, with the loss of communication due to interference the bodies desire to self-heal and self-regulate is blocked. By adjusting the spine, we can restore movement and alignment to the joints allowing the nervous system housed within the spine to be unblocked and to communicate with the body.


For me, there is no better reward than being able to help someone improve their quality of life and continue to enjoy the things they love to do.